Robust communication security for IoT

Power optimized
Zero latency
Attack detection

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Providing Security for ALL Communication & Transactions between ECUs


Connected Vehicle Communication Security

Providing Security for the Connected Car!


The Olympus Sky security key management protocol, AKM™, is a platform agnostic solution which eliminates certificate exchange, certificate processing and the exchange of bulk encryption keys. The result is a dramatic improvement in performance and an equally dramatic decrease in the cryptographic footprint. AKM™ is ideally suited for IoT markets including home automation, smart office, and automotive.


Our solution

AKM™ is a zero-knowledge, key management solution designed from the ground up for IoT. Being a revolutionary alternative to PKI, AKM™ takes advantage of attributes that can only exist within a closed system.

  • AKM™ provides nearly instant secure link establishment and a substantial reduction in processing burden, both leading to significant reductions in the power consumption needed for IoT nodes.
  • AKM™ improves security by increasing encryption entropy and key rotation frequency without need for the exchange of shared secrets. Furthermore, AKM™ can detect and report the occurrence of attacks on secure links, providing an additional dimension of security.
  • In short, AKM™ is an ideal solution for closed systems, particularly IoT applications in home automation, smart offices, and connected vehicles.