What do we do?

Olympus Sky, an IoT security company, protects "Data-In-Flight", with a highly simplified cryptographic Key Management Solution (KMS): "Autonomous Key Management" (AKM). Technologically, AKM provides a low-complexity, low-latency, high-entropy, minimalist footprint (under 20K-bytes), ultra-low power KMS that can run on existing ECU endpoints, without requiring additional expensive cryptographic processing hardware. Administratively, AKM greatly simplifies the entire certificate management problem by eliminating the need for potentially billions of certificates when enumerated across an entire fleet of vehicles over even just a few years. AKM is simple, elegant, and highly efficient, providing enhanced performance, improved security, and lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Meet the team

Bart Shields

CEO and CTO, Co-Founder

Adam Piotrowski

Director of Software Development, Co-Founder

Patryk Piwowarek

COO & Corporate Counsel, Co-Founder

John Cain

Director of Business Development

Kamil Grabowski

VP of Engineering, Co-Founder

Brian Barker

Functional Safety Partner (Hummingbird Technologies, Inc.)