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Mission statement

A very successful technical entrepreneur once said, “If you are going to spend years of your life working hard, chasing an idea then make sure it is a big idea. Take the time to build a simple solution to a really big problem”

And THAT is exactly what we have done.

Our core technology, Autonomous Key Management (AKM) and its associated Zeus products, use a very simple methodology to solve every issue known today with communication security.  In so doing, AKM  completely obsoletes PKI + TLS!

What we do?

Olympus Sky is a cybersecurity company that created a complete security system (called, the Zeus Security Solution) that is specifically designed to meet the challenges of IoT, including addressing all of the deficiencies currently challenging Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), a technology with roots back to the 70s and came of age in the early 90’s.

The goal of Olympus Sky is to establish its quantum resilient, core technology of Autonomous Key Management (AKM, a drop-in replacement for both PKI and TLS/SSL) as the new de facto standard for security, eventually replacing PKI as the next generation of security credential management and deliver products built on top of AKM that would not be possible without its existence.

AKM is a multipoint end-to-end security technology, capable of addressing all of today’s IoT centric internet needs as well complex, IoT systems, particularly closed systems.  Olympus Sky is primarily focused on Industrial IoT, but does also have considerable traction in transportation.

In addition to seeking new customers, Olympus Sky is looking for corporate, academic, and government backed partners to facilitate the adoption of AKM as the new IT and OT security framework and standard.

What people say about us

Meet the team

Bart Shields

CEO & CTO, Co-Founder

Kamil Grabowski

VP of Engineering, Co-Founder

Patryk Piwowarek

COO & Corporate Counsel, Co-Founder

Adam Piotrowski

VP Systems Engineering, Co-Founder

David Gell

Chief Strategy Officer

Advisory board

Witold Kowalski

Advisory Board

Cy Ardoin

Advisory Board

Randall Nichols

Advisory Board