What do we do?

Olympus Sky, an IoT security company, protects "Data-In-Flight", with a highly simplified cryptographic Key Management Solution (KMS): "Autonomous Key Management™" (AKM™). Technologically, AKM™ provides a low-complexity, low-latency, high-entropy, minimalist footprint (under 20K-bytes), ultra-low power KMS that can run on existing ECU endpoints, without requiring additional expensive cryptographic processing hardware. Administratively, AKM™ greatly simplifies the entire certificate management problem by eliminating the need for potentially billions of certificates when enumerated across an entire fleet of vehicles over even just a few years. AKM™ is simple, elegant, and highly efficient, providing enhanced performance, improved security, and lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Meet the team

Bart Shields

CEO and CTO, Co-Founder

Adam Piotrowski

Director of Software Development, Co-Founder

Patryk Piwowarek

COO & Corporate Counsel, Co-Founder

John Cain

Director of Business Development

Kamil Grabowski

VP of Engineering, Co-Founder

Brian Barker

Functional Safety Partner (Hummingbird Technologies, Inc.)