What do we do?

Olympus Sky Technologies, an IoT security company, protects “Data-in-Flight” through the Zeus Security Suite, an End-to-End IoT decentralized network security solution that lowers the Total Cost of Ownership while maintaining robust security across the edges of the network. Zeus features a powerful capability to protect, organize, configure, and manage secure communication of network devices in Security Clusters according to physical and virtual attributes.

At the heart of Zeus is a certificate-less, low-complexity, low-latency, high-entropy, ultra-low power key management system (KMS) that can run on existing IoT endpoint. Zeus networks offer improved security through high cryptographic entropy, high frequency refreshing of security credentials and never sharing trusted information inside or outside the network.

Zeus is a simple, elegant, and highly efficient solution providing enhanced performance, improved security and can be easily integrated into existing IoT networks.

Meet the team

Bart Shields

CEO and CTO, Co-Founder

Adam Piotrowski

VP Systems Engineering, Co-Founder

Patryk Piwowarek

COO & Corporate Counsel, Co-Founder

David Gell

Chief Strategy Officer

Kamil Grabowski

VP of Engineering, Co-Founder

Brian Barker

V.P. of Business Development