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Kamil Grabowski

VP of Engineering, Co-Founder


  • 2012 – present: CEO at FastLogic sp. z o.o., Co-Founder & CEO
  • 2010 – present: Assistant Professor at Technical University of Lodz, Department of Microelectronic and Computer Science, Lecturer and Researcher, Project Manager and Main Contractor of several research grants
  • 2008-2010: Research Assistant at Technical University of Lodz, Department of Microelectronic and Computer Science, Lecturer and Researcher

Kamil Grabowski started his electronics design journey when he was 15. For 20-years of engineering development he has been gaining his knowledge in wide electronics space – from analog and power circuits, very high-speed digital circuits containing modern FPGAs and DSPs to VLSI design. The last 10-years he spent primarily on advanced embedded systems design and hardware implementation of digital signal processing, namely the study on biometric authentication and secure systems. In 2012 he founded FastLogic where he has been an architect of several embedded systems for industry. He has provided solutions for fast data processing on miniaturized computing platforms related to Internet of Things space, safe and secured home automation and Space Industry.


  • Dedicated hardware and biometric algorithms implementation for iris trait (digital signatures, authorization)
  • Several high-speed multilayer designs, e.g.: 70MPix FPGA-based camera, 1GHz ARM9 Industrial Computer, etc.
  • Several IP Blocks (VHDL), e.g.: floating point pipe-lined processing IP for sensor data management, image distortion correction IP for fish-eye lenses, etc.
  • VME standard signal conditioning boards for space-industry
  • Part of VLSI IC design for Tritem (Automotive Industry),
  • Hardware systems for advanced heating-cooling systems and home automation
  • Published various papers on hardware processing for biometrics in IEEE
  • Two pending patents:
    • PL412340 „Driven unit, biometric acquisition system and method for acquisition of biometric features”
    • PL412789 “The module control and monitoring, and energy management system using this module and power management method using this module”


  • Stanford Center for Professional Development, Science Management and Commercialization course, 2012
  • Ph.D. in Electronics, Lodz University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering, 2010

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