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Randall Nichols

Advisory Board


  • Director, Graduate UAS at Cybersecurity Certificate and Professional Masters Technology (PMT) UAS -Cybersecurity Specialty programs
  • Director / Author/ Developer at Certificate in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) – Cybersecurity. Fully Approved by Graduate Academic Affairs, February 22, 2018) Deployed Fall 2018.
  • Retired Chair and Program Developer at MS – Cybersecurity – Intelligence and Forensics
  • Retired Chair and Program Director at BS – Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
  • Co-Author/ Developer at MPS – Risk Assessment and Cybersecurity Policy
  • Author/Developer at MS Cyber Surveillance and Warfare
  • COO at INFOSEC Technologies, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in Counterterrorism, Counterespionage, and Information Security Countermeasures to support its 1700 commercial, educational and U.S. government clients
  • CEO at COMSEC Solutions, a Cryptographic / Anti-Virus / Biometrics Countermeasures Company, which was acquired by a public company in 2000. He served as Vice President of Cryptography and Director of Research for the acquiring firm
  • Technology Director of Cryptography and Biometrics at the International Computer Security Association (ICSA)

Professor Nichols is internationally respected, with 50 years of experience in leadership roles in cryptography, counterintelligence, INFOSEC, sensitive computer applications. He is recognized by the USDOJ as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in both Cryptography and Computer Forensics. Professor Nichols research and textbooks on offensive / defensive cyber countermeasures applied to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (especially SWARMS) has brought his work to international attention.

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