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Do you want to identify and authenticate all of your hardware and software in your Complex System or Critical Infrastructure?

If so, ask us how our Zeus Integrity Management Solution can validate all of its components for the life of your Complex System or Critical Infrastructure.

Zeus Integrity Management… protecting against misconfigurations and malware at the Macro System Level!

Introducing Zeus Integrity Management

The Zeus Integrity Management Solution is an innovative, decentralized, ledger based approach with cradle to grave, continuous identification and authentication of all critical components in complex mission and/or safety critical systems” and built on top of our Zeus Security Suite.

With the Zeus Integrity Management Solution protecting your Mission or Safety Critical system and/or Critical Public Infrastructure, you can rest easy knowing that potential threats to the integrity of your system or critical infrastructure is constantly being evaluated and verified.

See what you can get with our decentralized network security for IoT:

The Zeus Security Suite is a platform agnostic solution which eliminates certificate exchange, certificate processing and the exchange of bulk encryption keys.

The result is a dramatic improvement in performance and an equally dramatic decrease in the cryptographic footprint.

Zeus is ubiquitous in its application, and spans a wide variety of verticals, including Smart City, Smart Factory, Industrial IoT, Transportation, and other Mission or Safety Critical Systems.

Our solution

At the heart of Zeus, is our core technology, Autonomous Key Management (AKM). AKM is a combination Key Management Solution (KMS) and secure communication protocol layer, that was designed explicitly for IoT. AKM offers low latency, IoT scalability, end-to-end multipoint encryption, and many more features that in total, provide better protection across the edges of your IoT network. Zeus, provides absolute security against even military grade attacks in an insecure world!

provides instant secure link establishment and a substantial reduction in processing burden, both leading to significant reductions in the power consumption needed for IoT nodes.
improves security by increasing encryption entropy and security credential refresh frequency without the need for the exchange of shared secrets. Furthermore, AKM™ can detect and report the occurrence of attacks on secure links, providing an additional dimension of security.
is an ideal solution for closed systems, particularly IoT applications in Smart City, Smart Factory, Industrial IoT, Transportation, and other Mission or Safety Critical Systems.