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  1. OlympusSky_AKM-Whitepaper.pdf – Abstract
    This paper discusses the merits, benefits and usage of autonomous key management (with implicit authentication) (AKM) solutions for securing ECU-to- ECU communication within the connected vehicle and IoT applications; particularly for transmissions between externally exposed, edge ECU sensors connected to ECUs within the connected vehicle infrastructure. Specific benefits addressed include reductions of communication latency, implementation complexity, processing power and energy consumption. Implementation issues discussed include provisioning, key refresh, n,  re-synchronization,  digital signatures and enabling high entropy.
  2. AKM-GeneralQuestionsAndAnswers
    This paper provides common questions and answers about AKM and the Zeus Security Solution architecture.
  3. AKM-HighLevelOverview-WhatIsAKM
    This paper provides insight into the internals of the AKM protocol and Zeus Security Solution.
  4. AKM-OperationalOverview
    This paper provides an operational view of the AKM protocol and the encompassing Zeus Security Solution.