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To become the preferred IoT security standard worldwide by enabling private, end-to-end virtual security meshes per user application, over any combination of end-points.

Introducing Zeus Security Suite

an IoT network security suite, powered by a granular, high frequency security credential refresh technology developed by OlympusSky.

See what you can get with our decentralized network security for IoT:

The Zeus Security Suite is a platform agnostic solution which eliminates certificate exchange, certificate processing and the exchange of bulk encryption keys.

The result is a dramatic improvement in performance and an equally dramatic decrease in the cryptographic footprint.

Zeus is ideally suited for the IoT, including home automation, smart office, and automotive.

Our solution

At the heart of Zeus, AKM™ is an Autonomous Key Management solution designed from the ground up for IoT. AKM™ offers low latency, high scalability and better protection across the edges of your IoT network.

provides nearly instant secure link establishment and a substantial reduction in processing burden, both leading to significant reductions in the power consumption needed for IoT nodes.
improves security by increasing encryption entropy and key rotation frequency without the need for the exchange of shared secrets. Furthermore, AKM™ can detect and report the occurrence of attacks on secure links, providing an additional dimension of security.
is an ideal solution for closed systems, particularly IoT applications in home automation, smart offices, and connected vehicles.