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What do we do?

Olympus Sky was founded in 2014 with the goal to build an ultimate cybersecurity for the automotive idustry. There were two main challanges in the industry.

1) Traditional means of providing security (namely, Public Key Infrastructure) depended heavily upon the ability to connect to a centralized server for updates of their security credentials (i.e. a certificate server providing a new certificate).

2) Because of the legal requirement to allow 3rd party automotive repair facilities the ability to access to the same information as authorized service centers, every ECU is accessible through the OBD‐II port. Thus, providing access to all information communicated between ECUs.

Once the solution was developed and tested, we realized that it actually solves an entiere genre of security issues within the IoT world. We expanded, adapted the technology and prove in the field.

Nowadays, Zeus has become a simple, elegant, and highly efficient solution providing enhanced performance improved security and can be easily integrated into existing IoT networks.

The technology itself, also gave birth to FileGuard, a SaaS that works in the background, protecting business files.

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Meet the team

Bart Shields

CEO & CTO, Co-Founder

Kamil Grabowski

VP of Engineering, Co-Founder

Patryk Piwowarek

COO & Corporate Counsel, Co-Founder

Adam Piotrowski

VP Systems Engineering, Co-Founder

David Gell

Chief Strategy Officer