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FileGuard for Secure Document Sharing


FileGuard is a file protection solution that secures sensitive files against hackers, eavesdroppers or loss due to either accidental or intentional leaks for your business.

Unlike existing encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) systems, FileGuard works with all of your existing processes and workflows, protecting files at rest on laptops, phones and servers and during transit across email, Slack and other communication tools.

What’s in it for me?

FileGuard protects your business files without ever needing your business files to pass through a central server or being exposed to the risks of the cloud. The solution is compatible with cloud‐based file services such as Box or Dropbox but it is up to you whether or not you want your files leaving the protection of your in‐house devices.

FileGuard is the easiest‐to‐use, most secure file protection system available today.

Why is it so unique?

The foundation of the FileGuard system is a unique and patented security technology that we call AKM or Autonomous Key Management. Files are encrypted and wrapped based on a unique, temporary‐use security key. This approach provides an efficient, single step solution to provide both file confidentiality and integrity.

Each file is safeguarded with its own key and this key is changed continuously to reduce the possibility of a brute‐force attack or the use of a previously hacked key.

Additionally, there are no passwords to remember. This is all possible because AKM has solved one of the most difficult challenges in cybersecurity – the creation and management of security keys without the need to share or communicate secrets.

In techno‐speak, this is called a Zero Knowledge Encryption scheme and FileGuard has a unique & patented solution to deliver this powerful capability.


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