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The Technology

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Low Power Consumption

  • AKM can operate on very small IoT devices that often fully utilize microcontroller. Because of that, MCUs are incapable of doing asymmetric encryption within the necessary, required time regime for doing so.
  • Small Digital Footprint, including both the size of the executable image as well as the amount of memory consumed during runtime
  • A natural consequence is reduced power consumption. AKM uses only a fraction of energy normally required for traditional asymmetric encryption. It is crucial particularly for battery powered or energy harvesting devices.

Zero Latency

Close to zero latency from the initiation of a session to the actual transmission of user data; thus, allowing AKM sessions to be established almost instantaneously. This is of special importance in real‐time environments for which any delay may result in non‐optimal outcomes.

Certificate Free

Re‐generation of AKM security credentials every single session in which every AKM certificate is guaranteed to be unique from security credentials of every other AKM relationship/security group as well as unique between AKM sessions of the same security group.


Self‐healing capabilities with autonomous re‐provisioning – networks may be set‐up with built‐in provisioning units such that security groups may be re‐provisioned with new AKM security credentials accordingly if a breach is detected and re‐provisioning is specified according to the designated policy of the security group.

Technical Requirements

Embedded Platforms Supported

  • Renesas R-Car M2 (ARM)
  • FastLogic Pantera (ARM)
  • Proprietary Customer Boards (MPC5748G)
  • SD Card based HSM with Infineon Crypto-processor (under development)
  • BeagleBone Black with T.I. ARM335x Sitarra
  • Various PowerPC based boards

PC Platforms Supported

  • X86

Operating Systems Supported

  • Apache Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • FreeRTOS
  • Customized bare metal port